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High effectiveness of CBD to treat epilepsy increases in prolonged treatments

According to the study carried out by the Department of Neurology and the Epilepsy Center of the University of Alabama in Birmingham USA, CBD-rich cannabis oil can help significantly in the treatment of epilepsy, especially in refractory epilepsy which does not respond to other drugs, reducing the frequency and severity of seizures, increasing its effectiveness over a longer period of therapy.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), epilepsy affects about 50 million people worldwide. It is one of the most common chronic neurological diseases. The disease is characterized by recurrent seizures that affect the whole body or only a specific part. Sometimes people with epilepsy can also lose consciousness during seizures. Refractory epilepsy is a difficult-to-treat form of the disease that does not respond to antiepileptic drugs.

This study included 169 people with refractory epilepsy, 89 children and 80 adults. The participants received a cannabis oil rich in cannabidiol or CBD, registering a response to treatment by reducing the frequency of seizures by more than 50%. In addition, the reduction in seizure frequency was higher after 2 years of treatment, compared to the first month of therapy.

The researchers also found that after the first year this reduction in seizures was higher in adults than in children. On the other hand, treatment with CBD-rich cannabis oil also reduced the severity of seizures: the children showed a reduction in seizures from 52% in the first month to 75% in the second year. The reduction in seizures in adults was greater, from 60% in the first month to 85% in the second year.

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