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to Hispanic Population
Commercialising medical cannabis in United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Read More
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About Yura Group

Leading medical cannabis distribution in USA & Latam

Yura Group is the company specialized in the international distribution of cannabis derivatives, within the group of companies that make up a unique vertical integration in the cannabis industry, developed by the Canadian holding company Ikänik-Pideka.

This vertical integration is made up of research activities, genetic development, cultivation in Latam, cultivation in the US, manufacture of extracts for the pharmaceutical industry, manufacture of raw materials and finished products for the food and cosmetic industry, logistics and fulfillment, international B2B and B2C distribution, and network of proprietary points of sale (dispensaries).

Yura Group offers its clients access without intermediaries to flowers, extracts, raw materials or finished products and the unique possibility of developing customized products, thanks to its indoor growing capacity based on its 55 registered genetics, from its production centers in California U.S. and Bogotá, Colombia.

Mission and objective.

Currently the medicinal cannabis has established itself as a reliable and secure reality to fight disease, leading to effective drugs and therapies scientifically proven. The large volume of consumers around the world who find in medical cannabis an effective solution to their health problems makes up a huge market that demands high quality and safe products in an environment with an immature offer. This high available demand together with the new international regulatory frameworks, opens a unique opportunity for the consolidation in 2021 of the cannabis industry 2.0.

Yura Group was born with the mission to lead the distribution of products and extracts derived from highest quality medicinal cannabis, to respond to this scenario and obtain a return of high economic and social impact.

Yura Group brings together more than 20 years of experience of its founding partners in direct response marketing (internet and telephone) focused in the sector of food supplements and cosmetics throughout the US and Latam countries, with operations and infrastructures in Florida (US), Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, with a wide expertise in hispanic population.

Yura Group aims to be the reference in the distribution of medicinal cannabis in the hispanic population of the US and Latin American countries, developing a commercialization to Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Retail (B2B) and final Consumers (B2C) based on direct response channels and positioning in Retail.



Pharmacological grade cannabis extracts, with the highest certification (GMP & GAP Medical Cannabis), unique suitable for medical research and manufacture of drugs for chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer, parkinson’s, or multiple sclerosis . We also distribute tailor-made extracts, with different cannabinoids ratios: CBD, THC, GBG, CBN, etc.


Creams, gels, lotions and oils, with specific anti-pain, anti-inflammation,  dermocosmetic and anti-aging formulations, in the form of isolated cannabinoids and broad spectrum oil (0% THC) that incorporate all terpene cannabinoids and flavonoids present in cannabis and beneficial for health.


Tinctures, capsules and gummies, with specific formulations for different health problems such as  muscle or joint pain and inflammation, stress, anxiety and insomnia. In the form of a broad spectrum oil (0% THC) with all beneficial terpene, flavonoid and cannabinoids, obtaining the entourage effect.

Geografical expansion

Yura Group develops an international distribution strategy in the American continent
United States and Puerto Rico
The North American market is growing at an explosive rate, driven by progressive legislative changes, innovation and a flourishing commercial market. According to Prohibition Partners, the total US cannabis market is estimated to be worth $ 47.3 billion by 2024. Currently 38 states have liberalized Cannabis, 5 of them in 2020, and the Biden administration is expected to accelerate the path to federal liberalization across the US in 2021, which would make this market the largest and fastest growing in the world.
Latin America countries
Yura is initially focused on 7 Latam countries: Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. During 2020, the registration of products was carried out in these markets, which together with the latest regulatory changes that occurred in this region that favor the opening towards the liberalization of medical cannabis, allow us to estimate an exponential acceleration of growth in sales for the year 2021.
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